Friends & Family Recovery Course

The TPPC Family Recovery Coaching Course is a structured wellbeing intervention plan specifically designed for friends and family of someone with alcohol / substance or emotional issues, to positively address these often-complex matters. Together, we will develop strategies to enhance the resilience of everyone connected to the situation.

A 6 Week family recovery course to help deal with alcohol / substance or emotional issues

We have taken over twenty five years of empowering families and friends to overcome the impact of caring about someone with a drug or alcohol related issues. We will help you flourish irrespective of the whether your loved one changes their destructive behaviour.

Together, following a specifically designed plan we will:

  • Identify issues causing the impact
  • Enhance and harness strengths
  • Combine and develop your own happiness
  • Apply to your own self worth

Strategies to enhance the resilience of everyone connected to the situation

Why take a Friends and Family Recovery Course?

TPPC delivers a family and/ or corporate intervention, were a colleague or loved one is confidentially and professionally shown how their behaviour is adversely affecting their friends, family or co-workers. Then an enhanced recovery plan is implemented to positively support all involved.

About The Friends & Family Recovery Course

Learn To Return Hope and Authenticity

Firstly, we will work at returning hope to your situation through honestly identifying your experience with others who have recovered from similar circumstances. Then by authentically identifying the affects your loved one has on you and/or your family; we will design an individually tailored positive psychology plan to overcome any hurdles. This will include the acceptance of the help available and evaluating the options to overcome any fear of taking action.

Learn To Empower and Understand

Developing optimism is essential for long-term recovery and wellbeing. This is achieved by engaging with others in a shared purpose of success. This process of engaging knowledge for a common goal enhances confidence in accepting emotions and responding positively to adversity with effective clarity. Then by skilfully understanding the hurdles in supporting someone else, you will be able to identify your achievable goals.

Learn To Embrace Achievement and Action

Identifying and utilising your core strengths will not only induce a sense of achievement, but it will also help you harness your resilience so far developed. This energy can be used to thrive in life, by accepting accomplishments so far and enhancing motivation to attain new goals. By identifying the positive results from previous responses and considering new ways, we will be able to plan for future achievements, specifically designed for your circumstances.

Learn To Liberate and How To Flourish

Sensitively connecting with others who understand through a structured support network can be the key to personal freedom. In order to let go of how someone has negatively affected you takes great courage and sharing that experience with others can be the solution for long term success. Once we have identified what your needs are to flourish, we can then support you in meeting them. The psychological hurdle of isolation will be overcome by enhancing your social support and facilitating connection to like-minded people. We want to help you.

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FREE Consultation

A free confidential 40-minute Consultation with a professional wellbeing assessor to determine the most effective way forward for you.

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