Covid-19 Recovery Coaching Course

It is widely recognised in modern psychology that the five main areas of happiness are positive emotions, engagement in life, nourishing relationships, having meaning and purpose and feeling a sense of achievement. Dealing with the current pandemic situation has placed hurdles in these areas for many people, who have found themselves less happy and content than usual.

14 Sessions of coaching to help deal with change brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic

We have designed and deliver a six-week course, that is having dramatic positive results by increasing overall well-being. The following practical positive psychological interventions implemented are designed specifically to empower you to motivate your own long-term happiness:

  • Reprogramming negative self-talk
  • Gratitude and blessings
  • Nourishing support
  • Enhancing purpose and self-esteem
  • Motivational support

You do not need to suffer. There is a solution. We want to help you find and use it.

Why take a Covid-19 Recovery Coaching course?

The change brought about for everyone as we deal with the Covid pandemic can be hard on our emotional wellbeing, however there is definite ways to enhance our coping skills and develop new ways of utilising our core strengths. This can be achieved by harnessing the drive we have in doing what we enjoy the most in life and transferring that energy to improve our psychological health.

Any change can initially initiate insecurity. The major changes and issues brought about in recent times has affected countless people in fundamental ways. Being instructed to stay home and teach your children, when you’ve been used to travelling to work for years takes a lot of adapting and acceptance. Physically at first, then psychologically as the reality of your new way of life takes hold. It is easy to lose hope, drive and ambition when your outer world is limited as you adapt to life’s new challenges. Coping with the loss of the freedom-we normally take for granted can conjure unresolved sadness, as we spend more time contemplating our life

About the Covid-19 Psychology Coaching Course?

The three main areas we can feel overwhelmed or insecure are typically social, financial and romantic. When we feel happy in these areas, we thrive. This is achieved through honest appraisal and dynamic action. Getting coached through this process with experienced guidance is highly efficient in empowerment and ultimately feeling happy. As The Positive Psychology Coach with over 25 years’ experience in this field, I know what works; Strengths-based coaching. This is where a professionally trained coach, identifies what you enjoy doing and feel strong in, and harnesses the energy to boost areas of underdevelopment or depletion through overuse. This results in happiness and contentment.

Learn To Perform An Honest Self-Appraisal

Producing and demonstrating gratitude is highly valuable in handling feelings of powerlessness, and dealing with anxiety, even if it’s not your initial response. By honest self-appraisal of your benefits, you are able to appreciate life. Savouring a meal or receiving a call from a friend or loved one can enable a feeling of happiness if valued. Also, allowing your imagination flourish has great benefits. Having some extra time at home can be used to produce vision and aspirations for the future, whilst incorporating your own core values.

Learn To Clear Your Mind

Bookending your day is extremely helpful in taking care of yourself psychologically. A simple meditation practice or reading a passage from a book of daily inspirational writings is the best way to start the day. It can be any type you want, as long as it works for you. It clears the mind from the fog of sleep, which helps prepare for the day. Meditation helps you to cope with your emotions rationally, without extremes. You are then able to make sound judgements on the best choices for you. Then taking a few moments to plan for your day alleviates anxiety for any tasks ahead, being realistic and compassionate in your self-expectations.

Perform some form of physical exercise every day, if possible, whilst you play your favourite music or listen to inspirational podcasts. It is essential for overall wellbeing to treat your body with care and sustenance, so have your diet as wholesome and nourishing as permitted with the resources you have available.

Learn To Become Resilient

The resilience produced from coping with the unprecedented current circumstances can be used to empower other areas of life. Whilst working, practicing kindness to yourself and others is highly beneficial. Asking for help is the humble way of applying self-compassion. It also alleviates isolation and can inspire. So, it is important to have or develop a support network and use it regularly. Make a point of contacting at least one person per day and ask for help.

Developing a regular sleep regime is essential for psychological wellbeing. Journaling or inventory-taking in some form when your working day is over is useful to allow your mind to settle before bed. Remembering whilst reflecting on your day from a constructive perspective to see daily lessons learned as opportunities for growth. Looking for the positive aspects that went well. Also, if possible, making sure all communication devices a closed down, so as not to disturb your rest. You’re worth it. You will feel happier and affect other more positively.

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